Healthy fundraising USA
Healthy fundraising USAHealthy fundraising USAHealthy fundraising USA
Healthy fundraising USA
A fundraising company with a positive difference!
A fundraising company with a positive difference!A fundraising company with a positive difference!A fundraising company with a positive difference!
A fundraising company with a positive difference!
Healthy Fundraising USA
"Healthy Fundraising for Healthier Kids"
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Donor Gifts + Increased Profits
As an incentive to encourage donations from your supporters, give them a 50-50 Money Madness Game card after they finish scratching and giving their donation.  Your donor could win $50,000 and if they do, your group will win $50,000 too!  What a deal!

A Domino's Pizza Coupon worth up to $30.00 is a great value for any donation. Buy one - get one free and you can use it three times!
America's #1 Scratch Card Fundraiser!!! 
Pennies To Dollars Scratch Card Donation System
Donations of $.05 to $3.00
  • Raise $105 or more per card
  • No Minimum Orders
  • No up front payment
  • Only $15 per card
  • Simple to use
  • No products to deliver, store or sort
  • Great for small or large groups
  • Free Shipping
  • Personalize each card with your logo and group name
  • Get our specialty card and add your group’s picture and name
Simple, profitbable and Healthy Fundraiser can be finished in a few hours and earn Very High Profits
No more selling of overpriced, poor quality, little value products.  No more storing, sorting, delivering time consuming products.  No more hard work for little profit.  Pennies For Dollars Scratch Card donation system is your answer to simple, profitable and easy fundraising
Our scratch card can raise $90.00 or more in profit per participant, with no product and no risk.  Think about it…High Profits, simple to run and no left over product, no delivery, no storing, no sorting, no returning, no hastle.  Because donations start as low as $.05 EVERYONE can afford to support your group
Has this ever happened to you?
Your next door neighbor knocks on your door selling some overpriced product you really don’t want.  You buy $10 or $15 worth anyway just to help them out.  As you close the door, you think to yourself, I would have preferred just giving the child a few bucks and forget the mediocre product! 

Well, our scratch card fundraising system allows you to do just that.  Forget the expensive product, make a small donation of your choice and help a worthy cause!  

How does it work?
Just show the card to your friends and neighbors.  Tell them you are raising money for your group and ask them to help you out with a small donation.  
Explain that all they do is “scratch out as few or as many spots as they wish”.  Each spot is worth 5c to $3.00.  The total of all the spots they scratch will be their donation.  It’s that simple.  
You get cash with no product and no delivery to worry about.  Your friend spends a small amount of money for a good cause, avoids an overpriced product, and has fun doing it (people love to scratch)! 

Since most people round up their donation to even money, you most likely will raise more than $90 per card.  And because many people will rub off more than one spot, you can complete your card quickly and with only a few people. 
Our unique Pennies to Dollars fundraising system has eliminated the four major problems of fundrasing; 1. Selling overpriced items  2.  Poor Quality or Value.  3.  Low profits  4.  Too much work for the money
or more
You and your donors can win $50,000 with our Pennies To Dollars Scratch Card Money Madness 50-50 game.
We will provide 15% free cards with every order.  i. e. 100 cards ordered = 15 free cards that can bring in an additional $1575.00 of income.

Use this income for PRIZES or incentives or simply increase your profit!
This incentive really works and provides your supporter with a chance to win a fantastic prize.  Everybody wins!