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Newman's Own Organics®
Delicious and Good For You

50% Profit to you!
All after tax profits are donated for educational and charitable purposes. Over $175 million donated since 1982!
A great Chocolate Fundraiser for any group

  • An easy fundraiser with maximum participation
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial anything
  • Mouth-watering, Newman's Own Organics® chocolate bars sell for only $1.00 (you make 50 cents profit per bar)
  • Delicious 1.2 ounce chocolate bars come in six flavors
  • no money up front (30 days to pay)
  • Everyone loves chocolate.  Kids and adults will love Newman's Own Organics® Chocolates
Newman's Own Organics - Paul Newman and Nella Newman
This is a DIVINE bar of chocolate for grownups and connoisseurs. It's rich and dark with just the right hint of orange and cinnamon. I bought two bars, devoured one, and am trying to save the other for a special occasion... wish me luck!
Newman's Own Organics  Milk Chocolate Bar
Newman's Own Organics  Mik Chocolate Crisp RiceBar
Milk Chocolate Crisp Rice
Six delicious flavors
Newman's Own Organics  Butter Toffee Crunch Bar
Butter Toffee Crunch 
Milk Chocolate 
Sweet Dark Chocolate Expresso 
Newman's Own Organics  Sweet Dark Chocolate Expresso bar
Newman's Own Organics Sweet Dark Chocolate Orange Bar
Sweet Dark Chocolate Orange 
Newman's Own Organics Sweet Dark Chocolate Bar
Sweet Dark Chocolate 
Newman's Own Organics chocolate box
  • Each box has 24 - 1.2 oz bars 

  • Sell each bar for $1.00

  • Earn 50% profit per bar ($.50)

  • $12 profit per box
Practical and convenient size boxes
Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Fundraising Profit Calculater
Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Fundraising Profit Calculater
Profit Potential
(Quick Chart)

50       Boxes$600
100     Boxes$1,200
300    Boxes$3,600
500    Boxes$6,000
750     Boxes$9,000
1000  Boxes$12,000
1500   Boxes$18,000
For more information on Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Fundraisers Call:

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Newman's Own Organics Healthy Fundraising profit Calculator
How much can you earn?
# of Sellers:

Boxes per Seller:
Your Profit !
Total Boxes Sold:
Profit per Box:
Total Profit!

Enter # of sellers and boxes then click button to calculate your profits
Paul Newman and Nella Newman Portrait - Newman's Own Organics
Paul Newman, as sole owner of Newman's Own®, donates all his after tax profits and royalties for educational and charitable purposes.   Paul Newman has given over $175 million to thousands of charities since 1982.
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