Healthy fundraising USA
Healthy fundraising USAHealthy fundraising USAHealthy fundraising USA
Healthy fundraising USA
  • For the love of god somebody make me stop eating these things! After one I couldn't stop, they have this flavor that just makes you want to eat more.

  • I swear, I could eat 5 bags without getting sick of them; they’re just so delicious!

  • Something about these snacks makes them so good and they're fun to eat too!
Our World Famous! Clodhoppers®
Delicious and Great Tasting Graham Clusters!
A Great Product everyone will love!
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  • Nutritious Whole Wheat Product
  • Meets Healthy Criteria Regarding Fat, Sugar and Caloric Content
  • Equal to 1 Bread serving
  • Convenient Single Serving Package
  • Delicious snack or lunchbox treat
  • No storing or spoilage problems
  • Taste Grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!
  • 50% PROFIT!!!
  • Conveniently packed in single portion sizes
  • Only $1.00 per bag
  • Your cost is only $.50 each
  • Two convenient carry case options:
  * Medium case holds 50 bags:
     Your profit is $25 per case
   * Large case holds 75 bags
      Your profit is $37.50 per case
  • FREE Shipping
  • No upfront payment necessary
A Simple, Profitable Fundraiser!
Clodhoppers - Mixed Case of Chocolate (Cocoa) and Vanilla
Clodhoppers - Mixed Case
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